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thanks i always wanted a game like phasmophobia and i finally found it and thanks for begin free

bruh this is copy of phasmophobia


good game, i liked it, but i think it needs a little more direction on what to do, awesome game though!!
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Any way i can run this game smoother with a low quality graphics card?

Not at the moment, we are working on the settings. 


THIS GAME IS FANTASTIC!!! Gave some feedback for you as i truky think this game can outperform phasmo with its own twist.. i have ideas if you ever want to listen and talk but THIS GAME MUST BE COMPLETED!!! This would be such a waste if your team didnt.

Thanks for your video. We are glad if you like the game. We will finish the game, but it will take some time. We are always open for ideas and improvements. Feel free to share them with us on our Discord server.

Thank you for making a first person co-op horror game!  And thank you for supporting Linux!

I actually had a problem downloading the Linux problem.  After downloading the zip it would not extract.  I even downloaded in Windows, copied to Linux and extracted, but when I play the game and host a room it crashes with no errors.


The effort you put into the game is amazing. However, the game cannot be entered. No response when I click on create room. I wish we could see the installed room list and log in. I hope it helps you take care. Thanks a lot 

Hi, thank you very much for your feedback.

You are not the only one who cannot create a room. We are already looking for the bug and hope to have a fix for it in the next patch.

I'll try it too ><


Finally got around to checking out the 1.1.0 update and I'm loving it so far! The interaction marker has been adjusted making it easier to turn on lights and now there are new ways of destroying the ghost depending on the type.

For the new journal I personally preferred the check mark selection for evidence instead of the notes page, however, I can see this may be an attempt to differentiate from similar ghost games - if the notes are here to stay it may be good to know that when pressing C while typing this will trigger the journal to close. As well I noticed the Description section for both lighter and ritual circle are both the same explaining the lighter can burn bound objects. These things are not game breaking though just some bugs I found while playing.

I can also see spots reserved for crafting and monsters, which gets me excited to see where this game goes!


Thanks again for your feedback and video. It really helps us a lot.
We are glad if you had fun. 

The notes thing was an experiment. Maybe the check boxes will come back and the notes will be an extra feature.
We try to implement the features in a way that makes sense for the future, so some things might seem a bit strange or pointless. Currently only a small part of the open world is playable.

We are already planning the first monster, but the implementation will take a while.


That's great! Also yeah sometimes you gotta experiment and see what sticks take your time, the game is awesome so far and the future you all are planning is amazing.

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Can you port it to Linux, please? :") I can't seem to run it with Wine.

I can try. However, I do not have a machine to test it. So no guarantee that it will run.

Thankyou so much!

I have created a build for Linux. As I said, I have not tested it and do not know if it works. Feel free to test it and if it works, have fun. 

i am unable to create a server

That's strange, are you using the Linux build?

Well this is not straightforward on how to beat it. I couldn’t beat it lol but aye it’s still a fun game to play, good job developer. Also if you can check out my gameplay with my brother I’ll appreciate it thank you for your time.

gia ton poutso den anoigei kan

wachi wachi wa


Hey man, this is such a good game. The jumpscares and ghost appearances were perfect and the small features like slamming doors and having the ghost show behind players was great. A few things we noticed while playing, that may need some work, would be how attempting to interact with light switches was a bit difficult when the curser couldn't find the switch and how the ghost would be able to kill the player instantly without warning (however I believe this may be intentional as I read later we could bash the ghost over the head with a pipe...) As well as having something to do after being killed which would provide some entertainment while the other player tries not to have a heart attack. Really can't wait to see how this project develops seeing as you are planning on including other creatures. This has great potential keep it up!


Hey, thanks for your feedback and the video. We're glad to hear you had fun.

We have already reworked the use of the light switches. That should work better in the next version. The ghost that is currently in the game attacks as soon as a ghost is selected in the grimoire. Regardless of whether it was right or wrong. But you read correctly.The attack can be interrupted if the ghost is hit with the iron pipe (small spoiler for the next update: not all ghosts behave like this). However, we have now added a sound that plays before the ghost attacks. So it doesn't come completely out of nowhere anymore. There will definitely be something for the dead players in the future.


Glad to hear ! I'll be keeping an eye on this one, super keen for the update!


Super excited to see what becomes of this game in the future. I had an awesome time playing. Good luck! I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this game. Thank you for making it!

thanks for your kind words.
We're glad you enjoyed the game despite its very early stage.


Hey, any chance you have the minimum and recommended specs for the game!

We currently recommend a 1060 with 6 GB, Intel Core i7-4790K and 10GB ram. It might run fine on weaker systems, we haven't had the chance to test on different machines yet.




I will try on my Ryzen 3 1200 GTX 760 with 2GB and 8GB ram


Let us know how it went.

got a little problem... it was certainly launch into main menu. 
but once started a lobby it loads in and only manage to show what the games look like for a few seconds and then it shows the main menu again.. now without the cursor so I stuck there can't click anything even with the lowest resolution. (have to close the game using alt+f4)
also the graphics setting is missing? cause the only option to turn down graphics is resolution, vsync, brightness and contrast 
it might due to early development stage problems or it just not there? but I wish to play in the next update. the main menu looks great BTW.


Thank you for your feedback.

We know about the bug and it should be fixed in the next version. There are currently no other graphics settings - which is due to the early development stage. For the next update, more playable content is planned (this will be released towards the end of October). After that the complete menu will be reworked, where all further graphic settings will be added. There will also be a lobby and a new section of the map - the hotel.